Sponsor Kiddush

Shabbos Kiddush is one of the highlights of the Shteeble. Please donate to make it happen!

Contact Michael Caras at 646-675-7232 (preferably via Whatsapp) if you have any questions regarding sponsoring Kiddush.

Standard Kiddush: Standard Kiddush, with all the usual store-bought goods: wine, drinks, paper goods, chips, dips, pastries, crackers, salad, fruit, etc.

Deluxe Kiddush Package: All the basics included in a standard Kiddush as well as chulent and a variety of salads from Elisheva’s Homestyle Gourmet catering menu.

Co-Sponsor: Feel free to contribute any amount for any occasion.

Catering by Elisheva!

Click here to view full detailed menu.

A standard kiddush comes with all the basic store-bought items. Elevate Kiddush to the next level with Elisheva’s Homestyle Gourmet catering. Choose the “Deluxe Kiddush Package” for a selected variety, or choose individual items from the Catering Add-ons menu.

Add-ons must be submitted by Wednesday at 8pm. Catering items are priced as add-on items for a normal sized Kiddush at the Shteeble. For full service catering events such as brissim, bar/bas mitzvahs, upsherins, etc please contact Elisheva directly to cater your event. Elisheva Liberman (518) 704-1096.


A bottle of wine is included with every Kiddush. We welcome you to bring extra wine or mashke!

Having trouble with the form? Use the links below to donate. Include kiddush details in the donation notes.

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